Castle Peak 100K - Carrie Harris Hyatt - 3rd Place Woman!!

I can’t say enough great things about the RYP Wear Racing Skirt.  It’s taken me all through my training season, but the ultimate challenge was the CP100k.  This skirt was every bit of the critical piece of equipment that both my hydration pack and my shoes were.  The low, wide waistband never felt binding – I actually never noticed it.  The compression shorts DID NOT CHAFE, even after 16+ hours of cold, wet, hot, sweat, salt and wind.  The side pockets were incredibly convenient – I caught trash on one side, while the other side carried my aid station mileage chart all day long.  All of this, and it’s CUTE, too – I got tons of compliments!  This truly is the most versatile item of clothing that I own – when it’s not performing as essential running gear, it’s equally as functional as casual work attire or as part of an all-day travel ensemble.

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