RYP Wear Ambassadors


About Me:
My name is Denise Barstad.  I’m married to James Barstad. I have two sons, Brandt and Jefferson.  I’m a kindergarten teacher, volunteer at races, and a general cheerleader to all my friends and family.
 What I like to do:
Outdoors I like to travel,  go camping, hiking, walking and biking.  Indoors I like to sew, read and relax.  
 Why RYP Wear:
RYP Wear is amazing because of the comfort factor as well as the cute factor.  Not only am I comfortable wearing it, I look cute and it’s functional too!  The pockets are awesome when I don’t need to carry much, they are perfect for my phone, ID and credit cards/money.
They are like wearing shorts but way cuter.  I wear them for everything like running errands, walking the dogs, going on hikes, volunteering and so much more! 
 Favorite Quote:
When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe. – John Muir
 Photo:  Me at Apollo Bay Australia