RYP Wear Ambassadors

RYP Wear Ambassadors are the heartbeat of our community! Our women are active, outdoorsy, and thrive on connecting with others. Together we share the RYP Wear brand, our skirts and apparel that perform as hard as we do, from race day to running errands with the family, and our love of adventure!



About Me
My name is Denise Barstad.  I’m married to James Barstad. I have two sons, Brandt and Jefferson.  I’m a kindergarten teacher, volunteer at races, and a general cheerleader to all my friends and family.
What I like to do
Outdoors I like to travel,  go camping, hiking, walking and biking.  Indoors I like to sew, read and relax.  
Why RYP Wear?
RYP Wear is amazing because of the comfort factor as well as the cute factor. Not only am I comfortable wearing it, I look cute and it’s functional too! The pockets are awesome when I don’t need to carry much, they are perfect for my phone, ID and credit cards/money. They are like wearing shorts but way cuter. I wear them for everything like running errands, walking the dogs, going on hikes, volunteering and so much more! 
Favorite Quote
When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe. – John Muir
Photo:  Me at Apollo Bay Australia

NICOLE MUINicole Simone

About Me
I have been working for Costco for 24 years. 
What I like to do
In my off time I love being outdoors. I enjoy running road and trail. I like to cycle for distance or just a casual ride. My favorite part of helping reach my potential is not all the hard work that is needed to get to the start line injury free—it's volunteering! I give my time to aid stations at various local races. I am also a Sole Sister for Fit for Girls. When I am not doing any of the above I love to cuddle with one or both of my cats. 😻
Why RYP Wear?
RYP wear has changed the way I get to enjoy being outdoors even more. I can just put on my race skirt grab a couple of gels slide them in one of the two side pockets. I love the functional and fashion of the skirt. Everywhere I wear one ladies compliment me and ask me "where did you get that skirt?"
Love Conquers All,
Nicole Mui CPhT


About Me
I am a California native with a passion for the outdoors, exploring new trails, and connecting with friends on the trails and in the kitchen. Born and raised in San Diego County, I relocated to the Bay Area more than a decade ago to pursue a career in digital marketing and the biotech industry. I am active with Trail Sisters, the Bay Area North Peninsula SRTT/MRTT, and I regularly run local Bay Area races. I live in San Francisco with my partner, Nazar, and two parrots: Honey and Badger.
What I like to do
To me running is freedom: an opportunity to connect with nature, build friendships, exercise body and mind, and explore trails old and new. My heart lies in the mountains, and my soul connects to the earth. Trail- and ultrarunning empowers me to conquer challenges on and off the trails, taking on whatever challenges the day brings. It's that fire and energy that enables me to reach my potential in my career, education, as a friend and partner, and as an active member of the ultrarunning community in the Bay Area.
Why RYP Wear?
The inspiration of RYP Wear rings true to me because the products balance the function and performance of a running skirt with the comfort and appeal of a fun accessory. The fun patterns available in the product line reflect my sunny personality, and in turn, brightens my cheerful nature on the trails. I use the pockets for the most critical of items for a short run in Golden Gate Park, and I pair the skirt with tall socks if tackling a tough and muddy trail race on the San Francisco Peninsula. Off the trails, these skirts are a go-to for running errands, walking to the farmer's market, or grabbing brunch with friends.


Michelle Z Race Skirt
About Me

 Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, I found my way across the country to Sunny CA in 1997. Health and fitness have always played an important part in my life and I definitely practice what I preach. I have been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer since 2007. Let’s call it my next chapter after working in retail for 30 years.  Teaching others to lead a healthy lifestyle through fitness is one of the most rewarding careers, especially when they reach their potential!

My passion for trail running was inspired by several ultramarathon runners and Wester States finishers. My journey began a little later in life, never thinking this would be the direction I would take.  Wait, what, run for 10 hours straight, not me, no never!  The community surrounding the sport is amazing in every way. I have since run several ultramarathons myself.  I also always find time to give back as a volunteer for events, or any other service I can provide.   Running for myself and personal fitness goals keep me centered and focused. I also enjoy any time I can spend outdoors with family and friends. Kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking and enjoying all that Northern California has to offer.

My philosophy is, while we often need to work hard to maintain our health and fitness, you need to make sure that you’re having some fun while doing so! Let’s be honest…if you’re not having fun in some capacity, you’re not going to do it! Leave every workout, race, training run sweaty and smiling!

Why RYP Wear?

I truly love the comfort and function of RYPwear skirts. Being petite, its sometimes hard to find just the right fit. The pockets are great for carrying some of the extras I need.  The patterns are stylish and fun, and I receive so many “cute skirt” comments when on the trails.