Our Mission

Background, Passion and Mission

(Reach Your Potential) RYP Wear is a woman owned company founded in 2012 by Sandra Ross. RYP Wear was created with a passion to design products for women that fit, function, feel and look great.

RYP Wear’s mission is to create products that empower women.  We believe building self-confidence and strength through fitness and fashion will help women around the world reach their potential.

Fit 2 Run, Inc owner Julie Fingar now operates RYP Wear with her dedicated team and continues to carry on Sandra’s passion for the mission of RYP Wear.

"Julie has been a part of RYP Wear since the beginning. The transition to Julie and her team makes so much sense for several reasons. RYP Wear needs a team that can grow and nurture the brand, so it can reach its own full potential."

- Sandra Ross, RYP Wear Founder

"Sandra will always be the heart and soul of this company. We're excited to carry on her vision for RYP Wear."

- Julie Fingar, Fit 2 Run, Inc Owner