Clearing our Shelves for New Spring Skirt Styles!

it's the time of year that the sun is starting to peek through the clouds and the days are getting longer. That means it's time to set your fitness goals, start training, and get moving. If you've signed up for a road race, trail race or just wanting to be more active, we're rooting for you!  

While thinking through your goals this season, you're probably also looking at a long list of training ahead. This is your time to dig in and get the most out of yourself.

There are so many ways to make your fitness journey more fun and comfortable. Join a friend in a challenge, or reach out to a local club if that fits your goals. RYP Wear also has resources available to you. 

In addition to reading this blog or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for training tips. We want to see you Reach Your Potential! 

Of course, new gear is always a great way to get motivated and add a little fun to the mix. Why not treat yourself with a new RYP Wear running skirt!?

Pink Fuchsia Samare Race Skirt on Michelle Z

I truly love the comfort and function of RYPwear skirts. Being petite, it's sometimes hard to find just the right fit. The pockets are great for carrying some of the extras I need.  The patterns are stylish and fun, and I receive so many “cute skirt” comments when on the trails. 

-Michelle Z, RYP Wear Ambassador


Until April 30th, all Race and Touring Skirts are


Don't delay, these skirts are racing off our shelves!


But wait...

We're making this deal even better!

Buy 3 skirts and receive a $10 credit for a future purchase

Buy 4 skirts and receive a $20 credit for a future purchase

Who doesn't need new running gear to keep you motivated to keep your training runs more fun?  RYP Wear running skirts are created to fit real women because they are made by real women. Take us with you when you are Reaching Your Potential!

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